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The New ECo Mancooler is Quieter and More Energy Efficient

It has been pushing 90 degrees here in Jackson Michigan and of course like many, our office air conditioning decided to take a hike on us during the hot weather. So we suffered through an afternoon where the temperature in our office pushed up into the mid-80s. Of course, we just sat here and suffered never thinking about actually using a fan for a cool breeze! [Hence the reference to the Shoemaker’s children!] This morning however we came to our senses and since it was relatively cool outdoors (upper 70’s) we “duh”, decided to use a fan to get some cool air into the office. We happened to have one of our older Mancooler models available and so in the door it went. In the last few weeks we have been testing, running, demonstrating our new ECo Mancooler that has variable speed. And what we noticed was how much louder our old model was even on it’s low speed! When asked about this, I said, “Well of course. The math really works in favor of a variable speed unit (like the ECo) when operated at less than full speed! For you engineering types, here is the portion of the “fan laws”:

Where Lw is sound level in decibels.

So for you non-engineering types here is what this means:

Graphically this is:

Airmaster’s new ECo Mancooler is capable of any speed from 100% down to 10% of full speed. So if you use 75 dB as the full speed sound level (approximate value) then at 50% speed you will only have 60 dB which is the sound level which is the sound level found in a normal office! And at 20% speed – whisper quiet.

In fact you can run the ECo at lower speeds! The unit is designed with enough capacity that even at the lower speed it generates a nice breeze.

And of course, the above in turn got me to thinking about the other benefit of reduced speed operation – power consumption! Because of its use of EC motor (Electrically Commutated) technology Airmaster’s ECo Mancooler already saves power even at full speed (see our app on the Google Play Store). But in addition, when you operate at less than full speed you save even more power!

Ok you geeks here is the formula for power and speed:

At that 50% speed where you are down to 60dB, you will only be using 13% of the power that you use at full speed! And the whisper quiet 20% speed, just 1% of full speed power. Yes, that is 1% (one percent).

The potential power savings are pretty large. Particularly when you can achieve them by just using the amount of air that you really need to make yourself comfortable.

So along with virtually no maintenance (long life), energy savings at full speed, the ECo Mancooler gives you not only the speed selection you want for comfort but also significantly reduces sound and even more energy savings; don’t you want this to be your next portable fan? Of course you could just go barefoot instead!

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