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While it would be nice to provide office levels of heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation for commercial and industrial spaces, for many reasons this just isn’t practical.  Airmaster Fan Company provides the equipment to make these environments as comfortable as possible.

The 3 pillars of commercial / industrial comfort:

For health and safety as well as comfort, when the weather turns warm Airmaster Fans provide the cooling action necessary to keep employees happy and productive.  An incredibly wide selection of air circulators, spot coolers, Mancoolers®, and air blasters provides just the right unit for your application.

The next pillar for effective indoor air quality is building ventilation.  Make your building breath properly.  Airmaster panel fans, roof ventilators, shutters, and louvers are the key.

When the weather becomes chilly, Airmaster provides electric heaters to keep employees warm at their workstation or even in offices / retail where additional heat is desired.  From “milkhouse” to “mask” to portable ceramic and all the way up to large electric salamanders, we have the products to keep you warm.

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