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Airmaster Invests in Growth, Announces New Headquarters Location and Brand Identity

JACKSON, Mich. – October 2016 – Airmaster, a leading manufacturer of air circulation and ventilation solutions, announces new brand structure and new headquarters location.

Airmaster will move its headquarters and manufacturing to a 120,000-square-foot facility located on S. Meridian Road in Clarklake, Mich. that the company purchased. The new location will allow Airmaster to streamline its production processes as well as allow for an overall more efficient layout. The new facility also lends itself to future growth with room to expand.

Along with announcing the new location, Airmaster unveiled a new brand identity with the introduction of a new logo. Airmaster, previously referred to as Airmaster Fan, continues to grow and expand its offerings, with a wide variety of air circulation, ventilation and other products for industrial and commercial use. The company’s new brand identity will continue to be rolled out including in the addition of new marketing materials.

“We’re going for a newer, fresher look for both the brand and our building,” said Benjamin Braitsch, president and CEO of Airmaster. “Our new facility allows Airmaster to streamline production and be more efficient, letting us better utilize space and technology. Our new brand identity is also streamlined, while at the same time communicating that we are more than just fans.”

As part of Airmaster’s continued growth and innovation, the company has changed the way that it approached warehousing, bring the warehousing of its products closer to its customers. The new warehousing strategy coupled with streamlined manufacturing and expanded shipping capabilities at the manufacturing facility will provide better lead times for Airmaster distributors and customers.

About Airmaster:

Airmaster, based in Jackson, Mich., manufactures air circulation and ventilation fan solutions for industrial and commercial use. Founded in 1886 as the Diehl Fan Company, today Airmaster manufactures the industry’s largest selection of air circulation and ventilation products to keep people, plants and processes cool. In 2013, Airmaster was purchased by the Maico group, a family business from Germany. The Maico group is a globally recognized leader in ventilation products and is known for product quality and reliability. Airmaster also maintains stocking warehouses across the U.S. For more information, visit

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